Name the Crane competition winners and runners-up

The “Name the Crane” competition has now concluded, with the judges choosing a winning entry, two equal runners-up and twenty-one honourable mentions.  These are all shown below.

About the competition:  The Bright Alliance joined with the Prince of Wales Hospital, the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District (SESLHD) and the construction company A W Edwards Pty Limited to run a crane naming competition for primary school aged children who live or attend school in the Prince of Wales Hospital catchment area (broadly, the Randwick, Botany Bay and Waverley local government areas).  The 60 metre tall tower crane now operates, constructing the new ten-storey Bright Alliance building, which will house the Prince of Wales Hospital’s Nelune Comprehensive Cancer Centre, UNSW’s Scientia Clinical Research, and clinical and research areas for The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network.  For more information about this competition, go to The Bright Alliance website or email us at

The “Name the Crane” competition winner is:

Crane name: “Jane the Crane who has come to take away the pain”, by Frankie Richards, year 4, Coogee Public School.

Reason for the name: “Because Jane is my very loved Auntie who has cancer and this would mean a lot.”

Winner - Jane the Crane - by Frankie Richards 400dpi

The two equal runners up are:

Crane name: “Pixie”, by Menucha Brook, year 2, Yeshiva College, Bondi.

Reason for name: “Because it picks things up.”

Runner Up - Pixie - by Menucha Brook nowords

Crane name: “Harriet”, by Rose Gibson, year 1, St Mary St Joseph Primary School, Maroubra.

Reason for name: Because Harriet can carry it.

Runner Up - Harriet - by Rose Gibson nowords

The 21 “honourable mention” entries are:

(Names are listed, with the cranes coloured in below.)

Crane name: “Energetico”, by Andy, age 6, Clovelly.
Reason: “Energetico means ‘energetic’ and cranes are very ‘energetic’.”

1 - Energetico - by Andy ^

Crane name: “Oppakken”, by Lily, Age 11, Waterloo.
Reason: “Oppakken is Dutch for “pick up”. It’s also very catchy.”

12 - Oppakken - by Lily ^

Crane name: “Lifty”, by Zoe, age 7, Alexandria.
Reason: “I like the name Lifty because the crane lifts things.”

20 - Lifty - by Zoe ^

Crane name: “Chunky Monkey”, by Zachary, age 6, Matraville.
Reason: “It’s funny and will make people laugh.”

27 - Chunky Monkey - by Zachary ^

Crane name: “Titan”, by Marc, age 6, Kingsford.
Reason: “Titan is strong and mighty and is a giant who towers over everyone.”

37 - Titan - by Marc ^

Crane name: “Pisluje”, by Jacinta, age 8, Kingsford.
Reason: “I made the word up myself out of my favourite things.”

39 - Pisluje - by Jacinta ^ 39a - Pisluje2 - by Jacinta ^

Crane name: “Build O’Bright”, by Alice, age 9, Paddington.
Reason: “The crane is building The Bright Alliance building.”

40 - Build O'Bright - by Alice ^

Crane name: “Mr Power”, by Dean, age 11, Kensington.
Reason: “Power stands for Prince of Wales, Effective Research.”

45 - Mr Power - by Dean ^

Crane name: “Jenga”, by Tamzin, age 7, Maroubra.
Reason: “Just like the game, it stacks up.”

50 - Jenga - by Tamzin ^

Crane name: The Camarad”, by Maddie, age 11, Kingsford.
Reason: “Abbreviation of camaraderie, which means a feeling of good friendship among the people in a group.”

54 - The Camarad - by Maddie ^

Crane name: “Muscles”, by Aisling, age 8, Randwick.
Reason: “It is strong.”

56 - Muscles - by Aisling ^

Crane name: “Captain Cure”, by Ray, age 6, Maroubra.
Reason: “Because he’s a super-crane.”

59 - Captain Cure - by Ray ^

Crane name: “Cure Crane”, by Jonathan, age 8, Kensington.
Reason: “A hospital is a place to cure sick people.”

60 - Cure Crane - by Jonathan ^

Crane name: “SAM: Strong Arm Machine”, by Nehme, age 12, Redfern.
Reason: “A crane is powerful. It has an arm which is to lift heavy materials. Just like nurses and doctors lift patients in hospital.”

63 - Strong Arm Machine (SAM) - by Nehme ^

Crane name: “Happy Helper”, by Teaghan, age 10, Rosebery.
Reason: “The crane helps build and the research building helps make medicine.”

64 - Happy Helper - by Teaghan ^

Crane name: “Night Safety”, by Grace, age 8, Kingsford.
Reason: “It has lights so airplanes can see them.”

77 - Night Safety - by Grace ^

Crane name: “Hope”, by Maeve, age 8, Eastlakes.
Reason: “For good luck and hope.”

87 - Hope - by Maeve ^

Crane name: “Craneosaurus”, by Lachlan, age 7, Malabar.
Reason: “It sounds cool like a dinosaur.”

93 - Craneosaurus - by Lachlan ^

Crane name: “Cooper the Crane”, by Cooper, age 5, Malabar.
Reason: “My name is Cooper and I am big and strong.”

94 - Cooper the Crane - by Cooper ^

Crane name: “Doctor Sunshine”, by Gabriella, age 11, Kensington.
Reason: “The name ‘The Bright Alliance’ reminds me of the sunshine, ‘sunshine’ makes me feel happy, and able to carry on, in my tough times. And ‘doctor’ stands for the crane, which is helping ‘The Bright Alliance’ shine.”

96 - Doctor Sunshine - by Gabriella ^

Crane name: “Lifesaver”, by Mendel, age 9, Bondi.
Reason: “The crane is used to build the hospital and the hospital is used to save lives.”

104 - Life Saver - by Mendel ^

The “Name the Crane” award and official naming ceremony took place at the building site in Randwick on Thursday 28 May 2015. Below is a photo of competition winner, Frankie Richards, and competition runners-up, Rose Gibson and Menucha Brooks.  They appear along with Dr Craig Lewis, Prince of Wales Hospital Cancer Services, and Camilla D’Arcy, A W Edwards Pty Limited.

Name the Crane winners3

This competition was presented by:

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